[[ Drawing Saria Help/Advise :) ]]

[[ Please keep in mind I’m no amazing person, just you’re average 18 year old  who’s still learning as well ;D.

Also when drawing a character, it’s always good to have a lot of reference pictures to look at. Just to get a good mental image (you don’t need to, but it helps me)

What I’ve found when drawing characters is that the base drawing is always the same for any character (whether it be Link, Saria, Zelda or even a Goron). Base drawing’s (Or as they may be known as Skeleton Drawings) should usually be really simple shapes with some lines to connect them so you know where you’re going.

Then you start drawing REALLY basic, but ideal shapes where things are supposed to go. So for example. Eyes (would be circles), Nose (a line or tick looking shape), and hair (well, that can vary depending on the character but, once I got the hang of it, it really did get a lot more easier. Hair changes shape and size depending on angle and distance as well).

And the same goes for the body. Keeping the body proportionate is the most important thing to keep in mind ;)

Once you know where everything will go, you start to add the detail and defining lines. It’s also a lot easier if you rub out some lines/shapes along the way, other wise it could get a little busy/confusing.

And then, once the defining lines are looking all good and you’re happy with what you see, (you don’t have to do this but) you can go over it with a felt tip pen or a marker of some kind; just to add that extra sharp definition to the character. And so it’s easier to rub out all those annoying (now) unneeded pencil lines.

When you start to ink the drawing (if you like), it’s also sometimes better to add shade lines (shade lines are really good for when you’re trying to show that an area is either dark in colour or there’s (obviously) a shadow), as you can see :)

And there you go. I hope this is helpful in some way :). Any question’s, ask any time ;)

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